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Today the Need is Greater Than Ever

Here are just a few of the Sheriff's Office needs the Posse hopes to provide:

dive team Equipment

  • Advanced technology for forensics
  • Protective vests and helmets for the Special Operations Response Team
  • High resolution still and video cameras
  • A vehicle for the bomb detection - response team
  • Protective diving gear, scanning sonar unit and dry suits for the dive team
  • Advanced technology weaponry for several special response units
  • A vehicle for the Hostage Negotiation Team
  • A cellular response console

Download the brochure -  2016 annual report 1mb


gango at work Project Deputy Dog

Download the brochure -  2016 annual report 1.4mb

Obtain one time funding to add an additional German Shepherd Patrol K-9 that is trained in Patrol, Tracking, and Bomb/Explosive Detection.

  • Obtaining a fourth patrol K-9 will allow for two Narcotics trained and two Bomb trained K-9's
  • Allow for 24/7 365 day coverage for Santa Barbara County


Obtain one time funding to add a K-9 for Narcotics Detection in Custody Operations.

  • This will allow for a dedicated narcotics dog to be utilized within all custody facilities to detect narcotics.


Establish Dog Care Endowment fund.

  • These funds would be used to pay for non-budgeted expenses and go toward purchase of replacement K-9's as dogs reach their service life which is around 8 years old


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dare program D.A.R.E.

Since 2009 prevention scientists have helped D.A.R.E. America replace the old curriculum with a new course based on a few concepts that make the training more effective for today's students. The new course, called Keepin' it REAL differs in both form and content from the former D.A.R.E. program - replacing long, drug-fact laden lectures with interactive lessons that present stories meant to help kids make smart decisions. Topics the new program covers include: bullying, peer pressure, gang involvement, domestic violence, and substance abuse - all taught in a hands-on, fun, interactive environment. This approach provides students with the ability to build communication and decision-making skills through role play.