Santa Barbara County Sheriff introduces new narcotics K9

July 3, 2018
deputy ian ur and krypto

Krypto and his handler Custody Deputy Ian Ur

By Emely Navarro

The Santa Barbara Sheriff's office introduced a new narcotics K9 to their team Monday. 

Krypto is a specially trained narcotics dog, purchased through funding from the Sheriff's Benevolent Posse's Project Deputy Dog program. His first day with at the Santa Barbara County Jail was July 2. He is trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and methamphetamine.

The dog, alongside his handler Custody Deputy Ian Ur, will work to locate narcotics and reduce drug issues inside the county jail and the Northern Branch Jail when it opens Summer 2019. 

A press release from the Santa Barbara's Sheriff's Office said the mission of the team is to specifically reduce sales, distribution and consumption of drugs at the jails. 

The year-and-a-half-old Labrador was previously in Oxnard at the Inglis Police Dog Academy.