Mattei's Tavern host Santa Barbara County's Sheriff's Benevolent Posse benefit

October 21, 2018

by Naja Hill

LOS OLIVOS, Calif. - Mattei's Tavern hosted a dinner and auction Sunday night to benefit the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Benevolent Posse.

The Benevolent Posse is a nonprofit organization that helps provide funding to the Sheriff's office and supplements their financial needs due to a strained county budget. The Benevolent Posse help pay for things like equipment and the upkeep of the Sheriff's K-9 unit.

Guests were also greeted at the Tavern's historical post at Mattei's front entrance by the Sheriff’s Mounted Enforcement Unit. At the dinner, they got to meet the team of K-9's as well as the latest addition “Krypto.”

“The Posse is extremely important to the Sheriff's office. The county just doesn't have the funding necessary to supply all of the department with all of the equipment needs. And especially the funding for the special programs,” said, Lieutenant Eric Raney, who is in charge of Mounted Enforcement Unit.

The auction took place followed by a dinner served outside of Mattei's vintage restaurant. The auction had things like box tickets at a Laker's game up for grabs and a day to train with the Santa Barbra County's SWAT team. And even a helicopter ride from a retired sergeant.

Anyone who wants to donate to the Benevolent Posse can do so by going to

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